Kaala Paani (2023) Netflix Web Series

 Kaala Paani is a new survival drama series on Netflix that was released in October 2023. It has a great cast, including Mona Singh, Ashutosh Gowariker, Amey Wagh, and more. The show was created by Sameer Saxena and written by Biswapati Sarkar, Nimisha Misra, Sandeep Saket, and Amit Golani. It is set in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where a mysterious disease outbreak leads to a gripping story about love, loss, and survival.

Netflix produced Kaala Paani, and it is in Hindi. While the budget details aren't given, the series covers important themes like public health crises and environmental concerns, making it an engaging and thought-provoking watch.

Genre Thriller
Main Stars Arushi Sharma, Vikas Kumar and Chinmay
Director Sameer Saxena
Producer Sameer Saxena
IMDb Ratings 8.1 out of 10
Language Hindi
Quality option 720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Available in HDRIP, WEB-DL


Kaala Paani is an interesting survival drama series. It skillfully combines elements of human relationships, tragedy, and environmental issues. The talented cast, led by Mona Singh and Ashutosh Gowariker, brings to life the challenges faced by the people living in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as they battle a deadly, invisible epidemic. The characters' struggles, ethical dilemmas, and personal growth make for an engaging story that keeps the audience hooked.

What makes Kaala Paani special is its ability to tackle important issues like deforestation, collaborations between industry and government, and public health crises. It seamlessly blends fictional storytelling with real-world problems, offering a vivid portrayal of a society dealing with its past and present mistakes. The moral dilemmas in the show, along with the outstanding performances by the cast, make it a must-watch for those who want a series that entertains while prompting viewers to think about the world we live in.

Star Cast of Kaala Paani

  • Mona Singh as Dr Soudamini Singh
  • Ashutosh Gowariker as Lieutenant Governor Zibran Qadri
  • Amey Wagh as ACP Ketan Kamat
  • Arushi Sharma as Jyotsana Dey
  • Vikas Kumar as Santosh Salva
  • Chinmay Mandlekar as Dr. Shashi Mahajan
  • Radhika Mehrotra as Dr. Ritu Gagra
  • Sukant Goel as Chiranjeevi Chiru Prabhu
  • Priyansh Jora as Vinayak Veenu Prabhu
  • Poornima Indrajith as Swasti Shaw
  • Avinash Kuri as Rupak
  • Aradhya Ajana as Vidisha Salva/Kaddu
  • David Wurawa as Osei
  • Desire Junior Binde as Enmae
  • Dhaniram Prajapati as Nandan


Kaala Paani is a show set on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There is a dangerous disease called Leptospiral Hemorrhagic Fever and it is spreading. The story happens soon, with some flashbacks to the past and it is all about trying to save people from the disease, stop it from spreading, and keep everyone from panicking. It brings up a lot of questions about what is right, how people feel, and what is happening to the environment. It is a show that makes you think and keeps you interested.

In the middle of all this, we see the challenges faced by the doctors and the Lieutenant-Governor's office. They have to decide what is most important: saving lives, stopping the disease, keeping people from moving around too much, and not letting everyone panic. At the same time, a big company and its workers want to make money from a water pipeline project.

Where to Watch Kaala Paani Online?

Kaala Paani is on Netflix, and you can watch it if you have a Netflix subscription. It is a great survival drama series with a deep story and excellent acting. If you're a Netflix subscriber and want to see a show that mixes drama, ethics, and environmental issues, this is a must-watch. You can watch Kaala Paani on the Netflix platform whenever you like.