Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (2024) Movie MP4, HEVC, HDRip

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan is a new action movie starring famous actors Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff in the main roles. It's directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, who's known for making successful movies in Bollywood. 

The cast includes Prithviraj Sukumaran as the bad guy, along with Manushi Chhillar, Alaya F, Sonakshi Sinha, and Ronit Bose Roy in important roles. The movie had a big budget of ₹350 crore, showing that they wanted to make something grand and exciting.

GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorAli Abbas Zafar
WritersAli Abbas Zafar, Aditya Basu
Dialogue bySuraj Gianani
Main CastAkshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, Prithviraj
Run time164 minutes


BMCM is an exciting action movie directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. It stars famous actors like Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff. The movie has lots of thrilling action scenes and a really interesting story. Prithviraj Sukumaran plays the bad guy, adding more excitement to the story.

The director, Ali Abbas Zafar, along with the great music by Vishal Mishra and Julius Packiam, keeps the audience hooked throughout the 164-minute movie. The cinematography by Marcin Laskawiec and editing by Steven H. Bernard make the movie look great and keeps it moving at a good pace.

Star Cast of Bade Miyan Chote Miyan

  • Akshay Kumar as Firoz
  • Tiger Shroff as Rakesh
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Kabir
  • Manushi Chhillar as Captain Misha
  • Alaya F as IT Specialist Pam
  • Sonakshi Sinha
  • Ronit Bose Roy as Colonel Adil Shekhar Azad

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan Box Office Collection

According to experts who study the movie industry, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan is expected to do really well at the box office. They think it could earn around 12 crores because it has famous actors like Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff, and the story is full of action.

People are already booking tickets in advance, showing that they're excited to see it. The movie is coming out at a good time, during a festive period, which should help it make even more money.

Budget and Box Office Trade Earning Reports

Plus, everyone is talking about it because of its exciting action scenes. So, it's likely to do well when it comes out, maybe even better than expected, proving to be a big hit in Bollywood.


Bade Miyan Chote Miyan is about two special soldiers named Firoz and Rakesh. They go on an adventure around the world to stop a scientist named Kabir. Kabir wants to use artificial intelligence (AI) to cause chaos and destroy India.

It leads to a big fight between the good guys and the bad guy. Firoz and Rakesh face many dangers in places like Mumbai, Scotland, London, Luton, Abu Dhabi, and Jordan, where they have lots of exciting action scenes.

Where to Stream Bade Miyan Chote Miyan?

Currently, the film is available to watch in theatres but it will come online soon and you will have to wait for officials to give the update on its OTT comeback of the film.