Yodha (2024) Bollywood Hindi Movie HDRip, MP4

Yodha is a thrilling action movie that came out in 2024. It was directed by Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha. The movie stars Sidharth Malhotra, Raashii Khanna, and Disha Patani in the main roles.

Made by Dharma Productions, Yodha tells the story of Arun Katyal, played by Sidharth Malhotra. He's a soldier in the army and a crucial part of the Yodha Task Force. The movie cost ₹55 crore to make and it's all about bravery, sacrifice, and staying strong.

GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorsSagar Ambre, Pushkar Ojha
ProducersHiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta
Production CompaniesDharma Productions, Amazon MGM Studios, Mentor Disciple Entertainment
Main CastSidharth Malhotra, Raashii Khanna, Disha Patani
Supporting CastRonit Roy, Tanuj Virwani, Sunny Hinduja
Running Time130 minutes
Budget₹55 crore
Box Office₹31.95 crore


Yodha is a great movie that mixes action and suspense, keeping the audience hooked with its exciting story and great acting. Directed by Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, the movie follows Arun Katyal, played by Sidharth Malhotra, a soldier in the army who gets caught up in a dangerous mission as part of the Yodha Task Force.

Raashii Khanna does a fantastic job as Priyamvada, Arun's loyal wife, bringing a lot of emotion to the story. Disha Patani's character, Laila Khalid, a flight attendant in the middle of the chaos, adds even more excitement and unpredictability to the mix.

Star Cast of Yodha

  • Sidharth Malhotra as Arun Katyal
  • Raashii Khanna as Priyamvada Priya Katyal
  • Disha Patani as Laila Khalid
  • Ronit Roy as Major Surender Katyal
  • Tanuj Virwani as Sameer Khan
  • Sunny Hinduja as Jalal

Yodha Box Office Collection

Yodha was highly anticipated because of its famous cast and interesting story when it hit the theaters. But even though it had a lot of potential, the movie didn't do as well at the box office as people expected. It cost ₹55 crore to make, but it only made ₹31.95 crore in total.

Budget and Box Office Trade Earning Reports

Experts thought Yodha would do better because of its type of movie and because the main actors are so popular. It did okay at first, especially in its first week, but after that, fewer people went to see it. This made experts worried because they thought more people would keep going to see it in the following weeks.

Enjoy Yodha Movie Online

Yodha is currently out of theatres with its exciting story and great acting. But if you like watching movies at home, don't worry! Yodha will be available to stream on popular online platforms soon.